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What are the Important tips when Leasing Warehouse Space?


What are the Important tips when Leasing Warehouse Space?

What are the Important tips when Leasing Warehouse Space?

Warehouses play a vital role in the production, distribution, and storage of goods. These industrial buildings may seem like they are just large spaces used by manufacturing industries. However, warehouses vary greatly in terms of the space and facilities they offer. 

Does your business need a new warehouse/industrial space? If so, it is vital to consider your options carefully to ensure you choose the best space for your business’s needs. This is because your choice of a warehouse will have a significant impact on your business and the way it operates. 

Selecting a warehouse space that fully meets the needs of your company will ensure that your business can operate efficiently from the start. However, choosing a warehouse and later discovering that it does not meet your business’s needs can be an expensive mistake to make and lead to you needing to relocate again.

Lines of racking with pallets

When you start to search for a new warehouse building, it is crucial that you thoroughly research each potential property before you commit to leasing warehouse space. Each warehouse will have its own requirements in terms of tenant obligations and responsibilities. The permitted use of the building will also vary for each warehouse facility you view. With this in mind, it is vital to discuss the requirements of the building, its intended use, the facilities available, and any obligations that are in place before you commit to leasing the building. The landlord, building owner, and listing agent should be able to answer any queries you may have, so it is worth preparing a list of questions before you view the facility.

Here are some of the factors to consider when searching for a new warehousing space and industrial property: 


The location of your new warehouse is one of the most important factors to consider. The location of the building will directly impact the cost and efficiency of the logistics side of your business. Therefore it is crucial to choose a warehouse that is located within easy reach of major transport networks to enable fast and cost-effective transportation.

Loading Areas

Being able to unload and load deliveries with ease is essential for the smooth running of your warehouse and your supply chain. There are many factors that you will need to consider when assessing the suitability of the loading bays of potential warehouses for your haulage needs. Firstly, you will need to think about the type of vehicles that will need to access the site to make and take deliveries to ensure that there is adequate room to accommodate them. Secondly, you will need to ensure that the loading bays are equipped to handle the types of deliveries that will be made. You will need to consider whether your goods are best suited to an internal delivery bay or whether you need a crane for loading and unloading.

Available Square Footage

When you start the leasing process by thinking about the type of space you want and need, and enquiring about potential warehouse spaces, choosing a facility that has your required amount of square footage is essential. However, it is crucial to be aware that the way letting agents calculate square footage can differ. Some agents may include areas that are within the drip space of the building within the overall square footage of the space. If these areas with low ceilings are unusable for your business, this will mean that you are paying for floor space that you will never be able to use. Likewise, there is little point in paying for a building with excessive ceiling height if your business operates on a single-storey without the need for high racks or gantries for additional storage space.

Determining the amount of space you need and requesting to see how the space is broken down is essential to ensure that you get the optimum amount of space for your business and do not overpay for an area you cannot use. You should also consider if an office space is required when looking for a space for rent. 

Heating and Cooling

Many tenants assume that a warehouse will come with a heating and cooling system already installed. However, this is often not the case. Making this assumption and then finding out that there is no heating system or air conditioning can cause significant inconvenience and really add to the cost of setting up your business in the space.

If a heating and cooling system has already been installed by a previous tenant, you will need to enquire about the servicing and maintenance schedule. If your business is dependent on a temperature-controlled environment, an unreliable heating or cooling system could spell disaster for your stock.


A lack of parking can cause significant issues for your business. So, it is essential to check the availability of parking at the warehouse before committing to a lease. Discussing the parking arrangements with the landlord beforehand will help you to ensure that you have enough parking bays available for both your employees and any visitors to your site.

When enquiring about parking, it is essential to check that the parking spaces are for the sole use of your business and are not shared with surrounding warehouses. If parking is minimal and shared with other companies, this could cause potential issues.

Operating Costs

One final and crucial consideration when leasing warehouse space is the cost. Requesting a full breakdown of the operating expenses covered by your lease is vital to ensure that you won’t be liable for any hidden costs when you are expecting to pay the base rent. Understanding whether your business will be responsible for any repair costs and whether warehouse maintenance is taken care of by your business or the landlord is essential.


Leasing warehousing or any commercial property for your business is a crucial decision, so considering your options carefully and asking the right questions is vital. Many factors combine to create a warehouse that is suitable for your company’s operational needs, so considering each of them is essential when selecting potential warehouses.

Here at TEPS, we have extensive warehouse facilities all available within easy reach of the UK motorway network. To find out more about our well-equipped warehouses, complete with fully-trained staff, contact us today to learn how we can provide the ideal warehousing facilities for your business.

Key takeaway’s

  • Warehouses are essential for the production, distribution, and storage of goods, and their selection can significantly impact a business’s operations.
  • Thorough research and consideration of each potential property are crucial before committing to leasing a warehouse, including discussing building requirements, facilities, and tenant obligations.
  • Location is a critical factor to consider as it directly affects logistics costs and efficiency. Choosing a warehouse close to major transport networks is ideal.
  • Loading areas should be suitable for the types of deliveries made, accommodating various vehicles, and equipped to handle loading and unloading requirements.
  • Understanding the available square footage is essential to avoid paying for unusable space. Request a breakdown of the space to ensure optimal utilization.
  • Understanding the operating costs and potential hidden expenses is vital to avoid unexpected financial burdens.

What’s next?

Choosing the right warehouse for a business requires careful evaluation of all these factors to ensure efficient operations and cost-effectiveness.

Here at TEPS, we have extensive warehouse facilities all available within easy reach of the UK motorway network. To find out more about our well-equipped warehouses, complete with fully-trained staff, contact us today to learn how we can provide the ideal warehousing facilities for your business.