Leading Warehousing Facilities


Our specialist and secure warehousing which includes pallet racked storage and dedicated facilities for large products are geographically positioned next to the main motorway coming to and from the major docks and leading to the UK’s motorway network and Europe.

Meanwhile, we are enhancing our clients’ lean management programmes, by increasing productivity at their manufacturing sites by utilising TEPS’s accredited supply chain storage warehousing.

We have four warehouses totalling 165,000 square feet, all HM Customs and Excise approved for dry bonded goods.


Our stock control system allocates unique pallet IDs and provides date-sensitive reporting.


Our in-house quality procedures ensure that turnaround time is kept to a minimum.


Our buffer stock warehousing is ideally suited to ‘just in time’ deliveries from anywhere in the world to nationwide destinations throughout the UK.

Eletric pallet trucks for TEPS - Hull's supply chain storage company

Warehouse Management System

All of our supply chain storage solutions are underpinned by an advanced warehouse management system, which is dedicated to our specific storage facilities. Our high-volume warehouses are tracked by ‘our PAT’ (Pick And Take) – allowing our warehouse team to search, find and pick a pallet with the highest levels of accuracy. They know where any one of our 10,000+ pallets is through the support and guidance of PAT, ensuring efficient and effective inventory management.


With our Just-In- Time deliveries and highly-accurate barcoded pallets, palletised warehousing and shipping has never been so efficient. 

Increasing Productivity for our Partners

Every square foot of space is vital to product output, so storing ingredients and componentry on your site is counter-productive. To help you maximise production time, we are an integrated LEAN manufacturing partner. Our role is to partner with major manufacturers who have applied a lean manufacturing process within their production sites and help them to optimise operations at all times.

Dedicated supply chain warehouse storage

Enhancing your Just In Time Strategy and Lean Management Programmes


TEPS works strategically with manufacturers to store and manage a wide range of products, freeing up important production space for our client partners.

In combination with our efficient picking programme and our J-I-T (Just In Time) strategy we have formulated with our clients, the system allows a manufacturer to call off their product and have it delivered to their manufacturing site ready to be processed – without taking up vital production space. This means increased productivity, thus generating more sales and improved profitability.

Warehouse Facilities

Linked up to police response


Instant Fire Response






365 Days of the Year


Specialist Warehouses

Need to improve supply chain storage efficiency? Our dedicated storage warehouses, inventory management system and distribution services are designed to maximise your productivity and profit margins.

Respecting Your Product

At our facilities, we utilise cutting-edge technology to accurately pick and distribute your products, while implementing rigorous procedures to ensure their protection. Our team takes pride in treating your products as if they were our own, maintaining their quality and integrity every step of the way from our facility to your designated location.

Palletised Warehousing in Hull

Close to Hull & Immingham Ports and in easy access to the M62, TEPS is the perfect location for secure storage of your goods. Our Just-In-Time delivery and barcoded pallets means that wherever your business is, we can store and deliver as required.  From port to shelf, TEPS is there every step of the way. 

  • HMC&E and ERTS approved
  • Dedicated Warehouse Management System
  • Export packing facility
  • 165,000 square feet
  • Part racked with free-standing areas
  • Overhead gantry crane lifting to 30 tonnes
  • 24/7 surveillance

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