Sustainable Hull Haulage Company and UK Distribution


TEPS is a key partner in your ESG strategy. We invest in the most environmentally friendly assets for our haulage business and processes to support your sustainability goals.

Sustainable HUll Haulage Fleet

We have a fleet of Euro 6 trucks, which travel the length and breadth of the UK. We can safely deliver and pick up loads to bring back to our storage units, or to the key ports around the country.

We maintain our trucks regularly through rigorous testing and parts services and changes, ensuring the safety of our drivers, your products and consistency in delivery.  

Our trucks achieve the standard of EURO 6, the most efficient in emission output, thereby contributing to the global strategy of protecting the planet.

Hull’s Pallet Shipment Specialists

Safe, reliable and efficient shipping of your palletised goods, from Hull to the rest of the UK. Driven by the highest level of quality and service to our customers, TEPS has a modern fleet of haulage vehicles to ship pallets across the UK. If you are looking for a new palletised shipping agent, speak to our expert team today.

Key Features

  • Extensive Euro 6 fleet of trucks for nationwide distribution
  • Modern tools for in-cab communications
  • Market-leading systems to track trucks and keep them on the optimum carbon-friendly route
  • ‘Just In Time’ delivery and collection services

Our Strategic Location

TEPS provides a national service for full loads. Our strategic storage hub is located on the main artery road from the Humber Ports, which gives our efficient fleet easy access to the UK road network. 

Our transport operations team are passionate about getting your loads to your destination swiftly by utilising the most environmentally friendly route.

Industry Leading Mapping

Our continuous improvement programme has seen us invest in and implement Teletrac Navman fleet mapping technology.

Our EURO 6 fleet is fully equipped with Navman, which allows our team back at base to ensure drivers are on the right route, safe and delivering your load in the most efficient time via the most sustainable journey.

Our real-time data allows us to keep you up to date on progress and time of arrival, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the delivery and ready for unloading.

Comprehensive fleet of Euro 6 trucks

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