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TEPS is one of East Yorkshire’s premier storage, haulage and distribution companies, located in close proximity to the M62 and the Port of Hull.

Renowned for our commitment to sustainability and efficiency, we operate a modern fleet of Euro 6 trucks, ensuring that your cargo is transported with the utmost care and environmental consideration. As pioneers in the logistics sector, TEPS is dedicated to redefining haulage and distribution services, making us your ideal partner for navigating the complexities of modern supply chains with precision and reliability.

TEPS is geographically located near the Hull Docks for your container and storage needs

Close Proximity to the Port of Hull

Our Hull location offers direct access to the Humber Ports, a crucial gateway for international and domestic shipping routes. The proximity to the Port of Hull, along with Grimsby, Goole, and Immingham, enables seamless logistics operations for businesses. This strategic advantage ensures efficient cargo transfer, streamlined import/export processes, and the agility to respond to market demands, making it an ideal hub for companies looking to enhance their supply chain efficiency and connect with global markets effortlessly.

10 minutes from the Port of Hull

35 minutes from the Port of Immingham

40 minutes from the Port of Grimsby

Connected to the UK Road Network

Positioned near the main artery of the M62, our Hull base benefits from unparalleled connectivity to the UK’s road network, ensuring swift and efficient transport across the country. This vital link facilitates easy access to the North, Midlands, and the South, enhancing our ‘Just In Time’ delivery capabilities and reducing transit times. Our strategic location not only supports your logistical needs but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions by optimising travel routes, aligning with sustainability goals whilst maintaining operational excellence.

Why Choose TEPS AS Your Hull Haulage Partner?

  • Over 63 years in supply chain storage, haulage and distribution
  • A fleet of Euro 6 vehicles on the UK motorway network
  • Industry leading Teletrac Navman fleet mapping technology
  • In close proximity to key ports, such as the Port of Hull, Port of Immingham and the Port of Grimsby
  • Specialists in pallet shipments, using our Just in Time delivery service

Hull Haulage & Logistics Services

  • General Cargo
  • Automotive
  • RO-RO
  • Containers
  • Offshore/Wind
  • Forest/Timber
  • Metal/Steel
  • Waste/Recycling

Some of Our Client Partners


Our Hull location is uniquely positioned to offer both direct access to major Humber Ports and immediate connectivity to the UK’s extensive road network, including the M62. This dual advantage facilitates seamless import/export processes and efficient nationwide distribution, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their supply chain operations.

Being close to the Humber Ports allows us to ensure swift transfer of cargo from ship to shore and onto the final destination across the UK. This proximity reduces transit times, accelerates customs clearance, and supports a more efficient supply chain, especially for businesses involved in international trade. TEPS is located just a short distance away from major ports such as the Port of Hull, the Port of Immingham and the Port of Grimsby. 

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our fleet of Euro 6 trucks, which meet the highest standards for emissions efficiency. Coupled with our strategic location, we optimise routes for the least environmental impact and support businesses in achieving their green logistics goals.

Our proximity to the M62 and other key transport links ensures we can offer ‘Just In Time’ delivery services across the UK. This access allows for rapid response to delivery demands, reducing lead times and enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and flexibly.

We utilise advanced Teletrac Navman fleet mapping technology to track and manage our vehicles in real-time. This technology enables us to optimise routes for efficiency and sustainability, ensure driver safety, and provide timely updates to our clients, enhancing overall service reliability.

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